Dallas Cowboys Last 4 Plays vs. Titans Show Problems With Scott Linehan, Dak Prescott And Offense

Dallas Cowboys Last 4 Plays vs. Titans Show Problems With Scott Linehan, Dak Prescott And Offense

The Dallas Cowboys offense is broken. The Cowboys have a tough time moving the ball and there are several different reasons: the wide receivers, the play of Dak Prescott, the offensive line, Scott Linehan, Jason Garrett and so on. The Cowboys’ terrible final four plays against the Titans help highlight those fundamental issues. The Dallas Cowboys Report with Tom Downey has a special film study on Dak Prescott, Scott Linehan and the Cowboys’ offense.

In this video, you’ll see a close look at the last four offensive plays against the Titans. The 1st, is the silly Cole Beasley reverse pass. It highlights Scott Linehan forcing creativity at a terrible time to point and say ‘see, we’re creative!’ The second is an incomplete pass that highlights Dak Prescott’s regression in reads and pocket presence. The third is a fade route that again highlights Linehan’s poor play-calling. The fourth, and perhaps worst of them all, highlights Dak’s awareness and Linehan’s bad play-calls.

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