Madden 20 Franchise Mode Season 2 Week 4 – New York Jets vs Las Vegas Raiders

Madden 20 Franchise Mode Season 2 Week 4 – New York Jets vs Las Vegas Raiders

Madden NFL 20 Franchise Mode kicks off with a new NFL Season in Season 2. The New York Jets and Las Vegas Raiders game will be played at Allegiant Stadium in Week 4 of the regular season for a chance to remain competitive in the AFC East. As familiar opponents, there will be plenty of big plays for the highlight reel as our regular season schedule is officially underway. Do the Jets have what it takes to be contenders and reward the city of New York with a Super Bowl in Madden 20?

I will be rebuilding the New York Jets in this Madden Franchise because of their 4-12 record in the 2018 NFL Season. Additionally, I wanted the challenge of building an NFL Team into a team that can not only compete in the division but one that can also compete for a championship. We already have some decent talent on the roster with superstars like Jamal Adams, Le’Veon Bell, and Leonard Williams. But there are more young and inexperienced players like Quinnen Williams and Sam Darnold still trying to climb the ranks into the NFL’s elite.

I will also scout various college players throughout the season in addition to the gameplay while providing some amateur in-depth football analysis. I will be interacting with my subscribers during every trade or transaction throughout the season to keep all of you involved. So please do not hesitate to submit trade recommendations or acquisition ideas during Free Agency.

The plan for the series is to play and upload game-play from every game of every while providing high-quality commentary and production that C23 is best known for. Tune in now as we begin the journey of rebuilding the Jets into one of the NFL’s greatest teams in Madden NFL 20.

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