Madden 20: Indianapolis Colts vs Los Angeles Rams (Super Bowl)

Madden 20: Indianapolis Colts vs Los Angeles Rams (Super Bowl)

I have been working on a paper for the Education Market. The paper talks about using video games as a teaching tool for children with learning disabilities. The age demographic would be 8 to 18. Games could be up to the teacher or student to choose. Games might include soccer, football, basketball, etc.

Students could learn about various historical or fictional characters and create them as players for their team. It would allow the student to study history, philosophy, religion, sports, popular culture, etc. and then create the characters to be a part of their team. The students would even be able to play alongside their created characters.

On some of the teams historical figures like Martin Luther King, and Abraham Lincoln will play on the same team with authors like Ernest Hemingway and William Shakespeare, or Elvis Presley and Tupac Shakur.

The process is meant to be a simple and fun way for kids to learn subjects such as world history, literature, poetry, art, music, science and vocabulary. Maybe PS4/XBOX machines might be donated or discounted to schools for these classes. More on the paper as it is fleshed out. Enjoy the simulations.

Also for sentimental reasons, some fallen friends and family are on this team. Semper Fi. May you rest in peace.

On the Indianapolis Colts

Former Colt players, Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Dwight Freeney, Robert Mathis, Bob Sanders, Andrew Luck, T.Y. Hilton

LT Paul McCartney, musician The Beatles
LT Nelson Mandela, South African leader
LG Jesus Christ, some folks Lord and Savior
LG Ringo Starr, musician The Beatles
C Charles Bukowski, poet
C Muddy Waters, musician
RG God
RG Winston Churchill, English Prime Minister
RT John Lennon, musician The Beatles
RT George Harrison, musician The Beatles
TE/DT Clay Brannon, boy wonder
WR/DE Jeremiah Brewster, wonder boy

DT Army, Jack Renforth (RIP), TE Paul Bantley (RIP), HB/LB G. Hulse, Army, HB J. Purkey, Navy, T.F., Marines, David Wood, Marines, Ian Betts, Navy

More Colts players include Martin Luther King, Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, as well as characters from Star Trek…

Jeanluc Picard, Cmndr Worf, Cmdr Data, James Kirk, Mr Spock, Jonathan Archer, Cmdr Tuvok, Geordi LaForge, Ben Sisko, etc.

Los Angeles Rams Fantasy Roster


QB Kurt Warner, NFL
QB Roman Gabriel, NFL
QB Jared Goff, NFL
QB Colin Kaepernick, NFL, political activist
HB Marshall Faulk, NFL
HB Eric Dickerson, NFL
HB Elroy “Crazy Legs” Hirsch, NFL
HB Todd Gurley, NFL
FB Dick Bass, NFL
WR Isaac Bruce, NFL
WR Miles Davis, musician
WR Muhammad Ali, boxing
WR Tory Holt, NFL
WR Henry Ellard, NFL
WR Tom Fears, NFL
WR Jon Snow, Game of Thrones, played by Kit Harington
WR Charles Xavier, The Avengers, played by Patrick Stewart
TE Ernest Hemingway, author
TE Chris Huber, boy wonder
TE Bernie Casey, NFL
LT Jackie Slater, NFL
LT Thurgood Marshall, Supreme Court justice
LG John Steinbeck, author
C Bernie Sanders, Independent senator, Vermont
RG Jeremy Corbyn, English politician
RG William Faulkner, author
RT Malcolm X, civil rights leader


LE Deacon Jones, NFL
LE Jack Youngblood, NFL
LE John Wick, John Wick played by Keanu Reeves
LE Keith Olbermann, journalist
LE Fred Hampton, civil rights activist
RE Lamar Lundy, NFL
RE Ben Sisko, Star Trek, played by Avery Brooks
RE Chuck D, musician
RE Lando Calrissian, Star Wars, played by Billy Dee Williams
DT Merlin Olsen, NFL
DT Rosie Grier, NFL
DT Aaron Donald, NFL
DT Gabriel Prosser, slave revolt leader
LB Kevin Greene, NFL
LB Luther Lavay, Any Given Sunday, played by Lawrence Taylor
LB Kurt Vonnegut, author
LB Julian Assange, whistleblower, Wikileaks
LB Rocky Balboa, Rocky, played by Sylvester Stallone
LB Tupac Shakur, musician
LB Cannonball Adderley, musician
LB Crazy Horse, Native American leader
LB Sitting Bull, Native American leader
LB Malcolm Reynolds, Firefly, played by Nathan Fillion
LB Dominic Toretto, Fast and Furious, played by Vin Diesel
LB Ian Betts, Navy
LB Oscar Wilde, author
LB Nat Turner, slave revolt leader
CB Night Train Lane, NFL
CB Aeneas Williams, NFL
CB Eddie Meador, NFL
CB Augustus Gibbons, xXx, played by Samuel L. Jackson
CB John Glenn, astronaut
CB Robert Johnson, musician
FS Jaqen H’ghar, Game of Thrones, played by Tom Wlaschiha
FS Noam Chomsky, philosopher
FS Daniel Ellsberg, whistleblower
SS John Rambo, Rambo, played by Sylvester Stallone
SS Django Freeman, Django Unchained, played by Jamie Foxx
SS Jack Bauer, 24, played by Keifer Sutherland
SS Walter White, Breaking Bad, played by Bryan Cranston

Special Teams

K Greg House, House, played by Hugh Laurie
P Bernie Sanders, Independent senator Vermont