Oakland Raiders Rumors: Trading For Nick Foles, Drafting Kyler Murray, 2019 Home Stadium

Oakland Raiders Rumors: Trading For Nick Foles, Drafting Kyler Murray, 2019 Home Stadium

Get the latest Raiders rumors and news on the Oakland Raiders Report! Are the Raiders going to trade for Eagles QB Nick Foles? Will the Raiders draft Heisman winner Kyler Murray after he declared for the 2019 NFL Draft? Will the Raiders play their home games in Arizona or San Diego? Will the Raiders draft Clelin Ferrell at pick 4? Will the Raiders let Jared Cook go this offseason?

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Here are the Oakland Raiders Rumors covered:
Playing in Arizona?
Playing in San Diego?
Draft Clelin Ferrell?
Jared Cook Leaving?
Raiders to draft Kyler Murray?
Trading for Nick Foles?

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