Patriots Are Still The Most Dominant Team in AFC

Patriots Are Still The Most Dominant Team in AFC

The New England Patriots are 10-1 but if you listen to Max Kellerman, Nick Wright, read the Bleacher Report, or spend more than ten seconds on Twitter you’d get the impression that the Patriots are 1-10. If you actually watched the game against the Dallas Cowboys, not the highlights, not just read the stats, but actually watched the game from whistle to whistle, —— Tom Brady didn’t play that bad, and with a little bit of help his stat line could have looked a lot better, and I dare say that Tom Brady’s performance on Sunday was the most encouraging 17of 37 game I’ve seen in a long time, and you can just tell it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the NFL’s worst nightmare becomes a reality.

I get when we watch Monday night football and we see Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens score 45 points you think man, that’s what we used to have in New England, but the Patriots are putting up dominant scores to, it’s just ignored because people have this illusion that offense alone wins championships. — For instance, driving to work this morning listening to the radio the entire conversation was around Lamar Jackson completely ignoring that the Ravens defense only gave up 6 points, sacked Goff twice, and forced three turnovers. We all remember the Monday Night shootout between the Kansas City Chiefs and the LA Rams last season. If the Chiefs defense could have mustard an ounce of defense they would have won the game. — I mean, let’s look at something that’s a little closer to home for us. Tom Brady set offensive records in Super Bowl 52 and lost the game. Believe it or not, you still need a defense to win a championship.

This season the Patriots surrendered 3 points to Pittsburgh, shutout Miami, 14 points to the Jets, 10 to Buffalo, Washington scored 7, the Giants put up 14, Shutout the Jets in New York, 13 to Cleveland, 10 points in Philly, and 9 to the Cowboys. —- The comparison to that kind of defense is like an offense putting up 35 to 45 points almost every game. The only blip came to the Ravens who scored 37, and I will stand firm that Edelman’s fumble that turned into a Ravens touchdown changed the complexion of that game. And I’m not taking anything away from the Ravens, Lamar is a stud, Ingram is a beast, their defense is probably above average and they have one of the best offensive lines in the game, but the Patriots were turning the game around and a bad play by one of the Patriots most reliable players on any unit made a mistake that I guarantee he won’t make again.

I don’t expect the offense to suddenly turn into a reincarnation of 2007 when Tom Brady and Randy Moss were breaking records and torching defenses across the NFL, but I do expect them to improve and when you couple that with this Patriots defense it’s actually easy to see why the Patriots are still the most dominant team in the AFC.

The only thing that matters to the Patriots is whether or not they’re playing football in February. Weeks 1-17 is strictly for our entertainment. The Patriots go out and put on a show for us. Sometimes they lose, sometimes they win, sometimes they look like the greatest Show on turf, and other nights they show up in Baltimore and lay an egg. The emotional rollercoaster is all part of the entertainment. The Patriots season starts in January and when you’re a Patriots fan there are only three games that really matter: The Divisional playoff round, the AFC Championship game, and the Super Bowl. Is that an arrogant entitled way of looking at it? — Absolutely not, it’s the reality. The New England Patriots are hardly ever built for the regular season, they are built for the Postseason, and that’s when Tom Brady will be at his best, and as Patriots fans that’s all we can really ask for?

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