Philadelphia Eagles Resin Coasters

Philadelphia Eagles Resin Coasters

I am a grandmother and wife who loves to create art especially epoxy resin art and hand wire wrapped jewelry.

Here is my PayPal me link to send payment or donations to the upkeep of my channel. Or to pay for an item you want to purchase. After sending to my PayPal account please send me an email to my channel email [email protected] Once I have a verification email from PayPal I will ship your order out once it has cured and it is safe to send out for shipping this can take from 3-4 weeks. you dont want any impressions or marks to form from anything touching your resin art until it is cured so patience is a virtue. For wire wrapped jewelry I will ship your purchase out within the week you have purchased it. Please see link below.

If you like to check our some of my favorite websites:
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Perfetto Paints:

Here is my Etsy shop I have a few items listed.

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Here is my new website I am building I haven’t listed my products for purchase yet.

I can be found on facebook on a page called Le Kranch Creations

I have a profile on View bug come check out my pictures

I love shopping at
Join their rewards program, print 50% and 40% coupons from the site. Take the surveys you get with your receipts and do them and fill out the information at the end and receive a sheet of coupons once a month at home.Do the survey’s you also get a 25% coupon from those and you can use both coupons on each order and they also accept competitor coupons. so get busy people!!

Disclaimer: I show you how I make my art. Please use your common sense when doing epoxy resin art it can be toxic. Use a respirator and proper ventilation. I am NOT responsible for your mistakes and or any safety issues you incur while doing this art form. I am not paid by anyone to do my reviews. I am a affiliate to a couple sites that is it. should this change I will make the needed up dates to this information. I am open to donations to help with supplies. If you are a company that would like to send me supplies please email me at [email protected]