San Francisco 49ers Rumors Mailbag: Shanahan Coach Of Year? Julio Jones Trade? OBJ Trade?

San Francisco 49ers Rumors Mailbag: Shanahan Coach Of Year? Julio Jones Trade? OBJ Trade?

49ers rumors were flying in fast on this week’s live Q&A with the talk focusing on wide receivers the San Francisco 49ers could target in 2020. Should the Niners pull the trigger on a Julio Jones trade or an Odell Beckham trade if those WR’s become available?

Here’s the full list of questions taken on this week’s live 49ers mailbag:

– Will Dre Greenlaw be elite?
– Will the 49ers trade for OBJ?
– Kyle Shanahan coach of the year?
– Nick Bosa defensive rookie of the year? Defensive player of the year?
– Jerick McKinnon injury update?
– Will the 49ers trade for Julio Jones?
– Dez Bryant to the 49ers?
– 49ers vs. Ravens gameplan?
– Update on Trent Taylor?
– Is Dante Pettis good or bad?
– Who’s the best 49ers rookie between 2015 & 2019?
– Tom Brady to the 49ers in 2020?
– Should the 49ers bring back Michael Crabtree?
– Will the 49ers win 11 in a row?
– Where would the 49ers be had they started Alex Smith over Colin Kaepernick?

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49ers vs. Seahawks is one of the most anticipated Monday Night Football games of the year, as the Niners look to remain undefeated and the Seahawks look to bolster their playoff status and push for the NFC West crown in a huge rivalry. Jimmy Garoppolo vs. Russell Wilson should be fun – as it’ll be Garoppolo’s first start vs. the Seahawks.

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