The SECRET Behind An NFL Captain and What those Rankings of Stars ACTUALLY Mean

The SECRET Behind An NFL Captain and What those Rankings of Stars ACTUALLY Mean

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The players that are selected as captains are usually designated in one of two ways – a team vote or a unilateral selection by the Head Coach.

Ask any NFL player worth his weight about the value of a legitimate ‘team captain’ and he will tell you how important it is to have one of these kinds of guys on their team.

And while many teams will end up designating their starting quarterback as the captain, this isn’t always the case. Some teams choose to make their new, potential franchise quarterbacks earn their stripes before bestowing captaincy upon them.

The captain designation can really make or break a team, depending on how the player handles the responsibility. Let’s face it – not everyone is cut out to lead. And while a lot of teams will hastily award the ‘honor’ to its best players, far too often that is a huge mistake.

A mistake that can have severe consequences for the team.

Today we present, A Look behind Being an NFL Captain and the Rankings and Stars on their Patches.

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