Tony Romo, Bernie Sanders, Mel Tucker, Myles Garrett, Rivers & Brady

Tony Romo, Bernie Sanders, Mel Tucker, Myles Garrett, Rivers & Brady

On today’s Outkick the Show, Clay Travis commented on reports that Tony Romo is poised to become the highest paid announcer in the history of sports media as CBS and ESPN are currently in a bidding war for his contract. Clay reported both networks are wanting to show the NFL that they are serious about airing NFL games as well as being in the rotation to air the Super Bowl as well.

Clay Travis also shared his perspective on Bernie Sanders’ big win in New Hampshire. Clay believes his win means much more than is being reported in the media. His narrow margin, said Clay, is because of several moderate candidates who are taking much of the votes. After Super Tuesday, the field will dramatically change and Sanders will represent the left-wing against just one candidate on the moderate side as they draw closer to the convention leading to the general election.

Clay Travis also discussed Mel Tucker leaving Colorado and accepting the head coaching position at Michigan State. Tucker will see his salary doubled at Michigan State and Clay offered him his congratulations.

Clay Travis went on to comment on Philip Rivers and his future, with the Indianapolis Colts and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the most logical landing spots for the former LA Chargers QB, according to Travis.

Finally, Clay Travis discussed Tom Brady and the trajectory of his free agency, believing that the New England Patriots is ultimately his best destination for the remainder of his career.

Finally, Myles Garrett has been reinstated to the Cleveland Browns and Clay Travis believes the NFL handled the situation professionally.