Top 10 Runningbacks In The 2020 NFL Draft

Top 10 Runningbacks In The 2020 NFL Draft

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Projection Tiers:

Likely Starter
Potential Starter
Likely Backup
Unlikely To Make Team

RB Scheme Fits:
– Outside Zone | Emphasizes stretch runs that require Speed, Acceleration, and Vision.
– Inside Zone | Emphasizes inside zone blocking concepts that require Vision, Acceleration, Agility, Contact Balance, Elusiveness and Power.
– Power Run | Emphasizes power runs with pulling blockers that require Power, Speed, and Acceleration
– Receiving | A back who’s skillset will be best utilized on obvious passing downs who may struggle on traditional running plays but does excel in Receiving Ability, Elusiveness, Speed, Acceleration, and Agility

*Note, any back with high quality receiving abilities who falls under Outside Zone, Inside Zone, or Power Run will receive a “+” next to the scheme fit. Inverseily, a back who canbe effective on any type of run who struggles as a receiver will receive a “-“.

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