@UnGr_Show || Open Q&A || Apex and Falcons talk

@UnGr_Show || Open Q&A || Apex and Falcons talk

Unintentional Grounding is a YouTube channel dedicated to breaking down and examining the game of football. With an in-depth focus on the Atlanta Falcons.

We feature several segments and shows for a variety of fans.

Unintentional Grounding Live! — Listen in as host Daniel Spencer and the crew look at the NFL landscape and analyze topics you want to hear about. We take live questions from the chat, so stop by and be heard!

The Falcons Nest — Join Daniel Spencer every week for a candid conversation about the Atlanta Falcons.

Falcons Film Breakdown — Get into the nitty gritty of football technique as we highlight an impact player from that weeks game. As of now focusing solely on the Atlanta Falcons season.

New to the Nest — We breakdown and examine Falcons rookies who make an impact game by game. Following their growth as they adjust to the league.

Daniel Spencer:
Producer/Host/Film Analyst/Draft Analyst